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We serve to build on concepts that enhance life.

Husainy Fakhruddin

Fakhruddin Holdings was established on the ideal of conducting business in such a manner that it benefits the clients and adds value to their customer experience. This has been the foundation of the 55-year old business legacy that is Fakhruddin Holdings; a legacy which Fakhruddin Properties heralds in the real-estate sector.

CEO Fakhruddin Holdings


In 15 years of existence, Fakhruddin Properties has become an international organization developing a varied and extensive portfolio of residential and commercial projects spanned across UAE, UK, and Uganda. Each of our property is aimed to enhance lifestyle experience for residents and business convenience for our commercial purposes. Our dynamic business model combines Real-Estate Development and Property Management resulting in exceptional returns on investment for our clients.

CEO Fakhruddin Properties

About PropertiesFakhruddin Properties

Fakhruddin Properties was established in 2003 and has since established an enviable reputation among the leading property developers and property managers in the United Arab Emirates. We have marked our presence by creating formidable buildings including Residential -Apartments & Villas and Commercial – Offices, Warehouses, & Labour Camps across UAE.

Fakhruddin Properties provides end-to-end property management solutions encompassing financial management as well as facility management for all types of properties, maintaining them in pristine condition. Our adherence to high standards and excellence in execution has resulted in an ISO certification of international standards for our service capacity and operations.

With over 14 years of experience in real estate and property management, Fakhruddin Properties is a revered veteran of the industry. Our techniques have evolved with changing time and tide of the market as we gained experience that commands our operations resulting in unprecedented property returns and an exceptional service experience.

About HoldingsFakhruddin Holdings

Fakhruddin Holdings is a leading conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of successful businesses that serve the needs of a global audience. In 1963, its founder, the late Fakhruddin Ebrahimiji had a vision of creating a successful organization that would serve the needs of a global audience. This vision was turned into reality by the commitment and dedication shown by the late Fakhruddin Ebrahimiji and his four sons, Akber Ali Fakhruddin (now retired from the family business), Husainy Fakhruddin, Mohammed Fakhruddin and Ali Asgar Fakhruddin. In 1963, Fakhruddin Ebrahim Al Hindi, a small trading company, was formally established with a commitment to building a foundation to what is now a highly respectable multi-million dollar organization – Fakhruddin Holdings.

People at FakhruddinOur Team

Shabbir TinwalaGroup CFO

Salman KurshidProject Manager

Firoz Ali KhanProperty Manager

Abdul Rahman SiddiqGroup IT Manager

Khadijah NajmiGroup HR & Admin Manager

About PropertiesFakhruddin Properties


Fakhruddin Properties Established

Fakhruddin Properties was established with a vision of expanding the horizon of the revered Fakhruddin group in Real-Estate. Born of reputed business legacy, the company was quick to pick the pace and create a reputation of its own as a reliable organization for all its investors and clients. Fakhruddin Properties initiated business with a staff of only 5 members from sheikh Latifa building. In the initial days the company’s operations were focused on leasing of the acquired properties.

Fakhruddin Properties began in 2003, operating from a small office in Sheikha Latifa building in Deira with the vision of expanding into an international real-estate organization. The company, under the leadership of the CEO, Mr Yusuf Fakhruddin and support of the prestigious Fakhruddin Group grew from strength to strength with each year, beginning in UAE encompassing a wide variety of residential & commercial projects and expanding internationally to Uganda & United Kingdom; fulfilling the company’s international dream. And the journey continues. 

Within a span of a year Fakhruddin Properties had acquired various residential and commercial properties all across Dubai and expanding to Ajman as well. A great amount of these properties included residential villas, warehouses, and labour camps

Fakhruddin properties acquired Murar building in Deira, Dubai with residential apartments and commercial units. This marked the first community project under Fakhruddin Properties. The company had started giving back to the society earning respect and gratitude.

In the same year, the company launched its own property development projects and the groundwork was laid with the establishment of the Projects & Engineering department. Fakhruddin Properties lays the foundation for Trafalgar Tower (CBD-07) in International City and Labour Camps in Muhaisnah.

With multiple properties in development and many more acquired, the company brought forth a strong sales and marketing team to reach out to investors for a variety of projects.

In another corner of Dubai, the construction of 2 labour camps in Muhaisnah is completed and development of another labour camp in Al Quoz begins.

As Fakhruddin Properties grew, both as a company and in numbers, there was a need for a bigger and better positioned corporate office. Hence, the company shifted to Crowne Plaza Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road. What had begun with a staff of 5 was now a multidepartment organization with a staff of 20.

Fakhruddin Properties’ residential Projects: Trafalgar Tower and Trafalgar Executive in International City are completed. Simultaneously, the foundation is laid for Oasis High Park, a residential project in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Fakhruddin Properties initiates construction of Trafalgar Central in Dubai International City and Lake Central Tower in Business Bay. In Al Quoz, Fakhruddin Properties opens Labour Camps for leasing. The properties developed and acquired by Fakhruddin Properties had provided the company with great stability and served as the rigid foundation for further expansion.

In years to follow, the company acquired plots, commercial properties, and residential buildings across various emirates. Growing business required the internal evolution of the company as well. A dedicated finance department was established to support the growing business. Alongside an IT department was established to support technological needs of the company.

Fakhruddin Properties showcased its creations in Dubai International Property Show garnering interest of investors from all across the world.

Following the success in Dubai International Property Show, Fakhruddin Properties showcased its projects at Cityscape Dubai further strengthening the company’s reputation amongst international investors.

Construction of Oasis High Park in Dubai Silicon Oasis is completed and handover to the owners is initiated.

Fakhruddin Properties acquires labour camps in Sonapur, Muhaisanah & Al Quoz further adding to the company’s portfolio of commercial properties.

Fakhruddin Properties acquires residential properties, warehouses and labour camps in Ajman. Alongside begins the development of the Fakhruddin Mall.

In order to provide end-to-end property management services, the FM department is established to facilitate the needs of clients. Thus also encompassed all property related services under one roof.

Development of Trafalgar Central in Dubai International city is completed.

Fakhruddin Properties completes Lake Central Tower in Business Bay, a high-profile commercial office building with the view of Dubai Creek on one side and Burj Khalifa on the other. The corporate office of the company itself is relocated to the top floor of the tower.

Fakhruddin Properties begins construction of Labour Camps in Jebel Ali. In Ajman, the development of Fakhruddin Mall is also completed, a crowning addition to the company’s portfolio.

The company establishes HR department to enhance the work-space and professional experience of the employees.

Development of Jebel Ali Labour Camps is completed and construction of another Labour Camp in Dubai Investment Park is initiated.

Fakhruddin Properties opens Labour camp in Dubai Investment Park for leasing and initiated development of warehouses in Dubai International City.

Warehouses in Dubai International City are added to the already extensive portfolio of projects under the name of Fakhruddin Properties. Alongside, the expansion in the emirate of Ajman continues, another corporate office of Fakhruddin Properties is established in Ajman. 

Fakhruddin Properties also initiated digital marketing. The Hotel Apartments in Dubai Sports city are rebranded as Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments.


Office Culture

At Fakhruddin Properties we have developed a unique office culture to encompass numerous dimensions of professional life and redefining what people ideate as an office.

Motivational Sessions

At regular intervals company organizes motivational sessions to guide attitude and perspective of the employees towards better performance. Thus unifying the collective goal that drives the individuals, departments, and the organization towards consistent success.

Performance Enhancement

Each employees regardless of their position on the hierarchy can transcend their current potential by developing their skills that directly and indirectly affect their day-to-day work and decision making. Employees learn from one another and from external faculties to enhance their dexterity at their respective jobs, life skills, communication skills, decision making, coping mechanisms, and many more.

Recreational Room

Fakhruddin Properties office holds a recreation room that includes a snooker table, table tennis, vending machine, and leisure room. It is here that employees bond with one another developing a healthy professional relationship. These activities help them take their mind off work for a while and come back rejuvenated.

Sports Tournaments

Developing a little competitive spirit and giving the employees an opportunity to bring forth their athletic abilities gives a whole new dimension to the work life of our employees. Fakhruddin Properties has its very own sports league and athletic endeavors are encouraged and rewarded.

Employee Engagement

Fakhruddin Properties’ HR department regularly organizes events for the employees to kick back and have fun hobnobbing with their colleagues. These events range from parties, breakfast mornings, dinners, birthday celebrations, celebrating important days, quizzes, picnic, scavenger hunts, so on and so forth.

Open Space work Environment

The cubicles are replaced with open desks and vibrant colors encouraging communication and transparency. The desks are spaces and the office is well-lit with natural light coming-in through wide windows with excellent view of the Creek, Business Bay Skyline, Dubai Downtown, and Burj Khalifa.

Open-Door Communication Policy

At Fakhruddin Properties we have a close-communicative work culture with an open-door policy. This is not limited to the employees, we extend this inclusive communication towards our clients and customer as well. This openness has resulted in excellent results as ideas are frequently exchanged and implemented.