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Digital Property Management

Property Management Software

A property management software is the perfect helping hand effectively manage your property investment. Streamlining the management process to begin with and going all the way to report generation. Good property management software should have the following features to aid your efforts and ease the revenue generation.


Property Portfolio

If you have put up more than one property for property management, you can access all details concerning them on a single database. All activities associated with the property are updated in real-time and are archived for quick and easy retrieval.

Facility Update

The software keeps you updated with various aspects of your property. The condition and status of inventories and facilities is reported along with their maintenance reports.

Tenant Management

The software gives you access to open communication with the property manager and the tenants. The communication works both ways and you can access to reviews, complaints and comments from tenants as well.

Activity Notification

Each action concerning the property is notified in real-time directly to your communication device and email address.


You can arrange schedules for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to: facility maintenance, repairs, property analysis, property check-up, etc. Your schedule are directly delivered to the concerning parties and their response/confirmation are notified back to you.


Property Management software allows you to remotely monitor your property from any corner of the world. A summarized report with analysis tells details the property’s condition as well as its history.


You can track the progress of maintenance on your property to ensure that it remains in pristine condition.

Task Reminder

The software notifies you about pending tasks that were scheduled, but not completed. You also get to make the final approval regarding the task.

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