01.09.2018 By Fakhruddin Property

Fakhruddin Properties at Dubai Property Show - Shanghai

Fakhruddin Properties participates in the Dubai Property Show in Shanghai exhibiting international real-estate projects and an impeccable property management service package combined with a futuristic property management portal. The keynote presentation by Fakhruddin Properties expands upon the incorporation of modern technology in property management to eliminate the limitation of distance by allowing the clients to reliably monitor the entire property management process remotely from any corner of the world.

Fakhruddin Properties is uniquely positioned as the only exhibitor offering property management services to the investors at Dubai Property Show. The extensive list of services covers property management from end to end leaving no room of inconvenience for the client. The portal is a value-adding extension to the services as the client can monitor the entire property management process as it happens in real-time. It also offers complete transparency and reliability as it validates each action and service with evidence of the same. In addition, the portal has been developed on a blockchain inspired system making it immutable and preventing data manipulation. This unique package has proven to be a very attractive prospect for all clients seeking consistent and long-term returns on their real estate investment in Dubai.

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