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Listing a Property for Renting

Rental Market in Dubai is competitive. At any given point there are hundreds of apartments fighting for a potential tenants’ attention. No matter what medium you choose, there will be a property to match and at times outmatch yours’. But, there are ways that you can improve your odds of catching attention of potential tenants. Even then it takes time and effort to convert potential tenants to tenants.

1. Well Photographed Property Portfolio

Images catch the eye, it no secret, but what kind of images should you use? You have 2 options: photograph it empty or furnished. Empty property rarely seems attractive unless done by a professional with proper lighting. Furniture and colors easily grab the attention. If the property is already occupied it can be even easier, you may offer free cleaning service and get the property photographed as it is. Aesthetic appeal of the property is a key factor. Though you want the property to look attractive, remember that you are not marketing a hotel room. The property that you market should suit the purpose as well as the class that you intend to appeal. It is also important to highlight key features of the property in the photographs. May it be a balcony, fountain, indoor games in the building, or swimming pool on the rooftop; every feature that would add to the property’s appeal should be presented with pictures.

2. Shoot videos

The modern audience has a very short attention span, and videos have proven very effective in relaying huge amount of information in a short time & attention span. Many property listing websites have video walkthrough feature available. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive affair either. Many mobile phones have 4k video-output and user-friendly editing software are easily accessible. Walkthrough videos of the property along with other special feature can immediately register with the audience, and are not easily forgotten.

3. Headline

If you have pictures in your listing, the attention would first hit the pictures, then turn directly to the headline. Turning the audience into query is a step-by-step process. Headline is the first point of information relayed to the audience. Hence, it should be precise and catchy. If the listing website or other medium is not providing good visibility for the rates, you should begin with the rates. This has to be followed with the most attractive feature of the property. Some properties are close to happening spots or famous landmarks, some are commute convenient, some have a great view, some are in well-known buildings, some have wonderful amenities, some have allotted parking, some have futuristic facilities, and there is no end to the list. But, it cannot be something petty as a bathtub. The beginning has to either be a desired feature that would either make life easier for the tenant, add to their life-style or both. Then you may put the mandatory details like the number of rooms, area etc. You may also use buzzwords like upscale, cozy, spacious, luxurious etc. to make the headline fun to read.

4. Description

When you have already mentioned the most attractive feature in the headline, there isn’t much left to describe, right? Wrong. You can relist the crucial details in bullet points. But what you should put down is how it would be to live in that place. Such description would make it relatable and draw the audience in. You may paint a verbal picture for the reader and lure them to contact you.

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