01.09.2018 By Fakhruddin Property

Our Keynote Presentation at DPS - Shanghai

Property Management is about getting consistent and long-term returns on real estate investment at the same time maintaining the property value. But, for many investors, especially those seated at miles away from their properties, distance is a major hindrance. It can result in numerous problems, reliability being primary of those. That’s where technology comes into play. Fakhruddin Properties developed a futuristic property management portal that can eliminate the limitation of distance by establishing transparency and reliability on property management services. The portal offers:


Real-Time Process & Progress Monitoring

Clients can monitor the entire property management as it happens. Each action that is performed and each service that is delivered is updated on the portal and the clients get a notification of the same in real time.

Integrated Financial System

All financial records, transactions, account statements, expense reports, etc. are archived. The entire archive is integrated so that change in one input would automatically update all concerning records.

Documents & Reports

The client can access all necessary documents, reports, and even images on the portal itself. Furthermore, each action that takes place is updated in conjunction with the relevant document or report. Hence, the client can be absolutely certain that the said action has actually been conducted.

Tenants Rating System

The portal gathers all the information concerning the tenant and their term of tenancy and rates the tenant based on their cooperation, delays in payments, and most importantly the property condition during the tenancy. This allows the owner to decide whether they would want to continue with the same tenant or find a new one.

Time Bound Escalation

Each task after crossing a defined timeline is escalated to next higher authority in management. Hence the client can be sure that the services are not ignored and that necessary actions are always taken.


Besides these features, which already puts the portal light-years ahead of any other property management portal, it is also integrated with some of the most advanced technologies available. The portal has been developed on a blockchain inspired system and hence is immutable. No one can manipulate the data, making all the information completely secure through encryption. Each update, edit and change is recorded and cannot be deleted or abolished by anyone. The portal also features smart contract integration making it reliable. An action or service is only considered valid by the portal if all the necessary tasks, documents, reports, links or images have been given as input. Else the system will not accept the task as completed and would escalate this to the management authority if not completed in the given timeline.

In more ways then one, Fakhruddin Properties have completely reinvented property management and this is showcased to the prolific investors present at the Dubai Property Show.

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