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Property Management Process

Fakhruddin Properties is an industry expert when it comes to property management providing one-stop property management solution to our clients. The core of our services is directed towards a simple goal: Minimize the efforts from clients.

We have created a streamlined process to reduce hassles for our clients’ property management experience. With meticulous planning and innovative thinking we have progressed towards elimination of all potential problems that are likely or even unlikely to arise during management of property in United Arab Emirates.

This is how it goes:

Step 1: Association

This is the first step of our relationship with our clients. It is also the last effort that the client ever has to make. Once we have formed an alliance, any and all problems from thereon are managed by us.  Clients can sit back and watch their property earn money for them.

Step 2: Digital Authority

Each of our clients is given a unique id for our online portal wherein they can track and trace every step of the process further on. This information updates in real-time and is accessible from any corner of the world. The system automatically sends mail to the clients when process in property management moves a step with complete details of the same for the client to review. This portal also serves as means of direct communication between us and the client. Hence, the client can contact us whenever they want to and get immediate response.

Step 3: Property Marketing

Fakhruddin Properties pushes the popularity of registered property in the market to draw maximum potential tenants interested in the property. We engage in digital and physical marketing to provide best market exposure for our clients’ properties. Besides we have a widespread network of brokers, who spread the word and broadcast the availability of the clients’ property. All these mediums put together have attracted interested tenants in huge volumes. We then arrange for viewing of the property by potential tenants. Our representative always stands by the property to bring forth best features of the property to notice.

Step 4: Screening Tenants

We just don’t give up the property to the first tenant who agrees. We hold high regards for all properties. Hence, we ensure that the property goes to tenants who can respect, appreciate and utilize the property with equal care. This one step has helped bypass many future problems that arise due to irresponsible tenants. The background checks and details of the tenant are updated on our online portal for the client to view, with a notification send by mail.

Step 5: Documentation

 Documentation is handled by our legal department keeping with regulations with all government norms. We draft tenancy contracts, Ejari registration, DEWA registration, and so on. We ensure that all documents are spot on to avoid any delays or redrafting. The client is always kept in the communication and receives copies of each and every document. The registration details are also provided to the clients on the online portal.

Step 6: Handover

 We thoroughly see through inventory installation, DEWA registration & installation and keys/access cards handover as per the requirements of the property. This marks the beginning of a triangular relationship between the client, the tenant and us. We make sure that both parties have their needs and requirements attended to.

Step 7: Rent Collection

After much research we have developed a rent collection process that reduces efforts required from all parties involved. In a way the entire process is automated and aims at timely disbursement of funds directly transferred to the clients’ bank account. We take it upon ourselves that the chain of fund transfer is initiated by the tenant on time and see it through as the funds are immediately transferred to the client. The status of the process is also updated on the online portal in real-time.

Step 8: Repairs & Maintenance

It is matter of great relief of both the client and the tenant that we are thorough with maintenance process and repairs of the property. With a quick response time, we ensure that technical hassles do not take away from living experience of the tenants. Simultaneously we design schedules for timely inspection and maintenance to curb the need of repair altogether and prevent rent loss for our clients. During tenancy we maintain a healthy relationship with the tenants taking suggestions, reviews and promptly responding to their remarks. We manage all the property related expenses without bothering the client, but keeping them updates with each and everything that happens. This helps create a win-win situation for both clients and tenants.

Step 9: Increase Revenue Potential

With timely upgrading of the property rent, keeping with the market standards, we make sure that the client makes the most from their respective properties. We manage the renewals of tenancy agreement and negotiations for the same with the tenant. Here too the client need not lift a finger, as we handle everything on their behalf. If the tenant chooses to vacate, we manage the termination of rent agreement, settlement of security deposit, etc. Then, the process again begins from step 3.

Step 10: Refurbishing

After a tenant has vacated the property, we ensure that the property is restored to pristine condition before it welcomes new tenants. We arrange for impeccable cleansing and redecoration of the property to be of optimum appeal to new tenants. We then continue our cycle of excellent property management service.

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