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Real Estate Investment in Dubai

Dubai is truly a land of opportunities and this is not just limited to employment. Opportunities expand to each and every horizon when it comes to Dubai. The real-estate development in Dubai is no different. Dubai is a tax-free city. There is no income or capital gain tax. This means that all the money you make goes right in your pocket. This is also the reason why people from across the world come to work in Dubai. This facility is also one the most attractive feature of property investment in Dubai. You know that you wouldn’t have to share your earning as opposed to property investment in other cities of this capacity. Dubai also has Free-Zones spread across the city. These have proven to be magnets for foreign investors, especially those dealing in commercial properties. A Free-Zone is basically an area where you can gain complete ownership of a property instead of having to lease it. Earlier these areas didn’t have many lucrative returns, but times have changed. Dubai Free-Zones have become hotspots for business and trading. These centres are boasted high rise office buildings, residential buildings, villas, warehouses, industrial units and much more. This is yet another attractive feature of investing in Dubai, the sheer variety of investment options available to an investor. Regardless of the size, nature, or type of investment you intend to make, Dubai definitely has something to offer. And you don’t even have to look very hard or search for it. More often than not the opportunities would jump before your eyes. As is said those who seek, shall find. The sales and marketing in the city spread the word both locally and internationally concerning investment opportunities available in Dubai. Even if you are just here to visit, and tour around, you will find investment opportunities staring back you from windows of malls and even come across them walking down the aisle between malls. Property and real-estate related marketing account for a large section of the total advertising budget of Dubai. This makes it easy to find good investment opportunities here. Despite the ready availability of information, if you still feel you need assistance, there are countless companies that specialize in foreign investment in Dubai and would be more than willing to help you through the process of investment and even afterwards. You also need not worry about fraud advertising as the government keeps a close eye on the advertised properties. Only licensed real-estate companies are allowed to advertise their projects and each project needs to be approved by the government before they are allowed to advertise. The laws are strict and the companies adhere to them. Even for off-plan properties, there are laws to protect the interest of the investors.

Accessibility to Dubai is never an issue, there are direct flights connecting Dubai with all major cities in the world. In fact, Dubai is one of the busiest airports in the world. Almost all major property and real-estate companies have their own digital portal to grant remote access to the investors, which helps them keep a close eye on their investment regardless of the distances. If you find it attractive enough, you can even move to Dubai. The city has so much to offer, the New York of Middle-East as it is often called. More on that later. The safe environment and the plethora of expats coming here combined with the general infrastructure development ensure that the properties do not remain vacant.

Real-Estate in Dubai comes with an incomparable variety of investment options from hotels to warehouses and apartments to villas. Diversification is easy and readily available. Dubai is unique in the sense that there are very few residents here, the majority of the population is that of expats, who come to Dubai to make a living for a short period of time. Hence, the rental market is always on the rise. It is easy to find tenants and as the period of their employment is more or less fixed you get a proper idea of when you would have to again start looking for new tenants. The criteria are simple, people either look for a place near their workplace or in clustered residential communities. When it comes to commercial properties it is even simpler; Dubai has special commercial and industrial areas. This makes it easier to communicate within the community to market your property.

Property prices in Dubai, when put in comparison with other mega-cities of the world, seem inexpensive, relatively speaking of course. And if you are investing in a currency that charts significantly higher than UAE’ Dirham, say a dollar, pound, euro, or Dinar, then the price-to-value against the native currency is tremendous. Also consider the rate of growth in Dubai, basically the commercial epicentre of the Middle-East, a doorway between east & west. The long-term returns are bountiful both in terms of both property and currency. The converted currency you employ in Dubai will grow with the nation especially considering the EXPO 2020 rising at the horizon and soon to nitro-boost Dubai into a commercial frenzy. The return you get in rent will also be in AED, which is likely to rise consistently, so the value you derive from the returns would rise whether or not you raise the rent. A well-rounded investment in Dubai real-estate is likely to yield 8-10% return in rent and this is after deducting maintenance expenses. Besides real estate, unlike any other investment, hold a residual value. The property and rental rates may rise or fall, but they would never plummet to zero. In time, it will yield great returns. So, regardless of how good or bad you are at gauging the value of a property, you will never lose it all. The very reason real-estate is considered the safest investment of all. Also, the property is the Gemini of investments with capital/value returns like stocks as well as periodic income returns like a bond.


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