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Real-Estate & Property Investment in Dubai

Dubai Real Estate Market is on the rise. After a brief let-down following the 2008 crisis, the market has gradually recovered. People from all around the world are coming to Dubai for one reason or another. But, there is one constant pull that brings people to this city. It is a money making enterprise and one of the most fruitful one at that. As wonderful as it is to live here, the investment returns surpass it. So if you’re comfortable enough in your corner of the world, you can still make money from Dubai. Real Estate and property management is a booming industry and there seems to be nothing pulling it down. On the contrary it seems to rise all the more owing to following reasons:

  1. EXPO 2020

Dubai is hosting the EXPO 2020. That is the buzz that has gotten up and about the entire world. Most of the projects in Dubai are planned and executed in deference to the EXPO. It’s like an epic series working towards a dynamic finale. It is expected to bring more than 25 million investors from 180 countries and that is just at the EXPO. The post-expo scenario is expected to be the largest boom in the history of this city. The buzz itself has got many off-plan properties initiated and many more in the pipeline. As the incoming traffic is expected to be high, rental returns as well as property values can be expected to skyrocket.

  1. Tax Free Economy

As of now, those residing in Dubai do not have to incur any form of taxes. That VAT tax would be implemented in 2018. Though, it is not likely to have adverse effect on property investment and rental market. There are no taxes on buying any commercial or residential property. There are no taxes on investment returns either. All the money you make goes right in your pocket.

  1. Growing Population

The population in Dubai grows exponentially with each passing year. This is not even accounting for the footfall from tourism travel that happens. Over the years Dubai has fostered each and every industry to attract the best in the world towards itself. People from all walks of life have been coming to Dubai and more on the way owing to the growing opportunities in every field. There is something here for everyone, a world within itself. With the rising population, the real-estate and property market rises as well. Even before the EXPO 2020 the plane of incline is apparent and the year 2020 is likely to blow it off the charts. The rental market especially shows unprecedented growth as the demand outweighs the supply. Fret not; the supply is building up (pun intended).

  1. Infrastructure

Dubai’s infrastructure planning has been spot on. The city grows with the population. The RTA transport system has taken on roads and ocean; it wouldn’t be surprising if they start helicopter cab service as well. Dubai has established a Ministry of Happiness, which as the name goes is to look after the well-fare of the people living in Dubai. This effectively puts the idea of living in Dubai into perspective. The government has supported and promoted every aspect of a comfortable and fruitful life in Dubai. The entertainment and hospitality industry is one of the most prevalent in the city. Dubai life is that of leisure as much as it is of career. Dubai has special zones put into effect for various industries: knowledge city, Sports City, Media City, Industrial Area, Silicon Oasis and many more. With such an intricately designed infrastructure, no investment here would go to waste.

  1. Return on Investment

The real-estate market in Dubai has matured spectacularly. Each locality has had its own special type of real-estate. The demand, as stated above, is high and is likely to rise ever further. This equation allows investors to leverage the rate of returns in their favor. The property market offers flexibility coupled with convenience from the flourishing property management services available in the city. The real-estate industry has developed an entire supporting service sector to support foreign investors and help them manage their properties remotely.

  1. Variety of Investment Opportunities

Dubai is a place to find flavor for every taste. Even in the real-estate industry there are countless investment options, the popular and usual being residential or commercial investment put up for rent. Tourism based investments in Hotels, Hotel-Apartments, Holiday Homes, Destination Structures etc. is an equally booming investment sector. Investment in trading area and trade supporting infrastructure requires larger capital, but also brings out huge rental returns and is yields better value over time. There are countless opportunities for real-estate investment and you can find what fits you all over the city. The best part being, you don’t even have to be here to manage it.

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