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Maximizing Property Returns

Insightful information derived from due diligence of the real estate market and constant surveillance of trends helps us determine most favourable rental rates that generate exceptional returns on property investment and consistently high rate of profitability for our clients.

Property Management Portal

The property management portal is a step into the future of property management allowing our clients to remotely monitor each and every aspect of the property management process from any corner of the world. Furthermore, the client can access the entire financial history including financial statements, expense report, transaction records and more. The portal also gives access to various documents and reports concerning the property management process. 

Property Marketing

We employ digital and traditional marketing tactics to provide maximum exposure for our clients’ properties and draw a maximum number of potential tenants. With a strong marketing team combined with our wide network of realtors guarantees an impressive enquiry count.

Property Refurbishing

Before the property is presented to potential tenants, a refurbishing is conducted in order to restore the property to its optimum condition before presenting it to potential tenants

Pre-Leasing Inspection

Before any property is listed our team of professionals thoroughly inspect the property in order to evaluate various aspects that would determine the rent potential. Any existing problems concerning the condition of the property or property assets are reported. Alongside our team identifies primary strengths of the property concerning location, facilities, and amenities as well.

Screening Tenants

Every property deserves the right resident. That’s why we screen each potential tenant with background and credit checks so as to pick the one that would be ideal for the property.

Property Viewing

Each visit from a potential tenant is assisted by our representative to accentuate key features, facilities, amenities of the property.

Tenancy Contract

Our legal drafts a tenancy contract or lease agreement in accordance with the laws and guidelines determined by the Dubai Land Department. The team of professionals are particular regarding every possible scenario, favourable and otherwise, leaving no room for doubt.

Ejari Registration

Ejari registration is mandated by DLD to ensure transparency and fair conduct between all parties involved in all property related transactions. Our legal and PRO department overlooks this procedure to ensure that the client faces minimum hassle in the process. Once the documents are procured, they are directly updated on our online property management portal and accessible to the client.

Inventory Preparation

We oversee inventory preparation, DEWA installation, facility maintenance and deep cleaning for the new tenants.


Once lease agreement is signed and Ejari is registered, the tenure of leasing is initiated with the tenant wherein they are granted the right to operate or reside in the property under agreed upon rules against an agreed rent payable as per the contract until the contract expires or rendered void, the company would facilitate the transaction between the owner and the tenant while managing the property.

Rent Collection

We have prepared a streamlined rent collection that minimizes efforts for all parties and transfers funds directly to clients’ account. The entire process is updated on our online portal in real time. The client can also access complete financial history and statement of accounts on the property management portal.

Property Inspection

At regular intervals, the company supervisors conduct a thorough inspection of the property to determine its condition in terms of damage, wear and tear, maintenance, and facility systems. A report of this analysis is submitted to the client.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Planned preventive maintenance is a facility system support schedule that ensures that the necessary aspects of the property function properly and curbs the probability of damage.

Facility Management

We ensure that the property remains in pristine condition with timely facility inspection and maintenance with detailed reports submitted to clients via online property management portal.

24/7 Customer Service

Both the tenant and landlord can avail our 24/7 active help-desk service concerning any matter related to the property including, but not limited to, maintenance, damage, facility system, repair request, rent collections, legal matters, fund transfers, and documentation.

Legal Support

An experienced legal will always be at the client’s disposal to aid in all property related matters concerning the law. This also includes legal actions against failure to submit rent by the tenant, return cheque follow-ups, and evictions if necessary.

Rent Negotiations

When the term of the lease agreement expires, we again carry out analysis of the property and the rental market to renew the tenancy agreement in order to maximize returns for our clients.

why fakhruddin properties


A decade and a half worth of reputation in the real-estate development and property management industry. It is not just the time spent, but what we have accomplished in this time-frame: A name that everyone can rely on; whether it is a client, investor, landlord, or tenant. 

55 Year-Old Business Legacy

Fakhruddin Properties is part of Fakhruddin Holdings Group of Companies, a 54 year old family business legacy. This helped us garner faith of the investors, which was then solidified by Fakhruddin Properties and then further elevated. Being part of this business unity also grants great stability to the company.

Years of Experience

Time is true test of credibility and we have 15 years of it. In this time we have developed, acquired, leased, brokered, and managed properties all across UAE and abroad. Having dealt with and established ourselves in various dimensions of real-estate, we gained incredible expertise concerning the nuances of the industry both macro & micro as well as the interrelation and interdependency between these dimensions. 

International Properties

Fakhruddin Properties leapt across the oceans to develop properties in UK and Uganda. Our credibility and expertise help us establish an international portfolio of projects, now spanning 3 nations and 3 continents. That is not just a milestone, this is a beginning of an international and intercontinental expansion for the company.

International Clientele

UAE, and especially Dubai is an investment hotspot. As Fakhruddin Properties expanded, we sought out international clients and many clients from across the sought us out to be their trusted partners in real-estate investment and property management in UAE.

ISO certified company

In 2009 & again in 2016, Fakhruddin Properties received ISO 9001 quality management certificate. An official declaration of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.


The clients, investors, owners, and landlords of the information age need digital solution to traditional problems. A step towards re-inventing our services lead to digitization for our investment, brokerage and property management services with our online portal, wherein a client or investor can access all information concerning their properties online; make request for maintenance, repairs, or enhancements to their property; and keep track of finances, documents, maintenances etc. The potential clients can mark properties they are interested in or set alert based on budget, location, type etc. This is a new beginning that would revolutionize the way we interact with our stakeholders.

End to End Service

Fakhruddin Properties has been at the forefront of entire lifespans of properties, may they be residential or commercial. As we evolved we expanded our scope of services to reach the point where we can cater our customers with end-to-end services without external dependence. Our customer would never have to look outside for any service concerning their property. We are the all-encompassing entity when it comes to properties and real-estate.

Client Centric Policies

Our clients put great faith in us and our ability to deliver results. The entire molding process of the company is such that our employees actively put needs of the client above everything else. This is not just limited to departments directly dealing with clients, but holds true for each and every aspect of the company’s mechanism.

Property Management Portfolio

Jumeirah Village Triangle Villas
Al Aweer Warehouses
Trafalgar Executive
Oasis High Park
Lake Central Tower
Aspect Tower
The Villas
University View

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have a beautiful home in Trafalgar Central. I am living in this building for many years and have not experienced any issues to date. Well maintained, good facilities and 24/7 security services. I would like to thank Fakhruddin Properties for the good job they do in looking after their properties.

I am an investor with Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments. I have seen tremendous changes in the Sports city environment and with the hotel in the past 2 years The management has taken efforts to upmarket the property, have a good reputation and give excellent service to its customers.

We have offices at the Lake Central building in Business Bay. The building is well maintained and looked after and we have had a very good corporation and services from the Fakhruddin property management office. The customer services are prompt and look into all your queries.

We love Dubai and stopover in Dubai often. Ever since the opening of the hotel, we have seen a steady growth in business & a friendly atmosphere for families or company individuals who visit Dubai for a short-term period. I am proud of my investment.

Pari Baktashi Residential Owner
Talat Awais Investor for Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments
Salah Karimyan Office Owner at Lake Central Tower
Kanayo Olisa Methu Investor for Fakhruddin Hotel Apartments

People at FakhruddinProperty Management Team

Qutubuddin SirajLeasing Executive

Rakhi KeswaniLeasing Executive

Mark StevensLeasing Executive

Hashim KhedekarLeasing Executive

Hany RamadanLeasing Executive

Moiz FazalLeasing Executive

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