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Sustainability Essential for a Bright Future

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Sustainability essential for a bright future:


Building the life, we want also means re-writing what we think we can do, Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. The United Nations defined Sustainable Development in the Brundtland Report as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At the core of our sustainability strategy is a commitment to help our customers understand and act on their progression to lower emissions, as well as to assist them in achieving their broader sustainability goals.

Importance of Sustainability:

One of humanity's biggest challenges is climate change, and sustainability is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate its effects. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity, and protecting natural habitats, we can help to slow down the pace of climate change and ensure that future generations have a livable planet. Another important aspect of sustainability is economic development. In order to have a thriving economy, it is necessary to ensure that resources are used efficiently and that there is a balance between economic growth and environmental protection. This means investing in renewable energy, promoting sustainable agriculture, and encouraging sustainable transportation.

Pillars of sustainability:

The pillars of sustainability are often referred to as the "triple bottom line" and consist of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental protection:

The most frequently discussed aspect is environmental protection. It is concerned with reducing carbon footprints, water usage, and wasteful supply chain processes. These processes are frequently cost-effective, financially beneficial, and important for environmental sustainability.

Economic development:

Economic development is most likely the most basic form of sustainability. A business must be profitable and generate enough revenue to be economically sustainable in order to continue operations in the future. The challenge with this form of sustainability is achieving equilibrium. Rather than making money at any cost, companies should attempt to generate profit in accordance with other elements of sustainability.

Social Development:

The improvement of everyone in society's economic and social well-being is referred to as social development. This can include activities that foster diversity and inclusivity while reducing poverty and injustice. The defense of human rights, the building of stronger communities, and the creation of policies and programs that promote the welfare of both the present and future generations are further aspects of this pillar.

United Nations focus on Sustainability:

The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, in 2015. They address global sustainability issues. The 17 Goals include sustainable economic growth, poverty eradication, zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and responsible consumption and production, which are hoped to be achieved by 2030.

Challenges in achieving sustainability:

One of the biggest challenges in achieving sustainability is balancing economic growth with environmental protection. For many years, the dominant economic model has been based on the idea of unlimited growth and the exploitation of natural resources.

  • Conserving biodiversity and protecting endangered species
  • Providing access to clean water and sanitation
  • Ensuring sustainable and equitable economic development.
  • Creating sustainable communities and cities.

 Sustainability in real estate development:

The goal of sustainable real estate development is to minimize the environmental impact of buildings and infrastructure while also promoting social and economic well-being. Sustainable real estate development also includes the consideration of the entire lifecycle of a building, from design to demolition, and the use of materials that can be recycled or repurposed. Sustainability in real estate development is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the occupants of the building and the community as a whole.

Challenges in sustainable real estate development:

There is a perception that sustainable real estate development is expensive, which can make it seem the less attractive option. However, The World Green Building Council’s 2018 report shows that although cost remains a concern, owners of green buildings report that money is saved through reduced operating costs.

Smart home automation: Sustainable solution in Real-Estate Development: 

Smart home automation allows for better control and management of energy consumption in the home. This can include:

  • Automating lighting to turn off or dim lights when not in use, or using motion sensors to turn lights on only when needed.
  • Automating heating and cooling systems to adjust the temperature based on occupancy and temperature, reducing energy consumption when the home is unoccupied.
  • Connecting appliances to the smart home automation system to allow for remote control and scheduling, reducing energy consumption when not in use

 Smart home automation is a sustainable solution for real estate development that balances energy efficiency and cost savings with the comfort and convenience of modern living. It allows homeowners to monitor and adjust energy usage in real time, promoting energy efficiency and reducing waste, while also providing detailed information on energy usage. Furthermore, it allows for remote monitoring and control of the home, which can be especially beneficial for people who are frequently away from home.


Ambitions of UAE in cop28:

 His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan told that by hosting Cop28, the nation would keep supporting innovation in the sustainability sector.

“2023 is the Year of Sustainability in the UAE,” stated, HH Sheikh Mohamed.

“Effective climate action requires a shared vision and collective will.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has always been committed to incorporating the principles of sustainability into every sector of the economy. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed told in a statement, "The country’s commitment to sustainability was led by its founding father, HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and this commitment remains a guiding light for the current leadership. The year will culminate in the climate event of the year, Cop28 Dr. Sultan, the organizer of the event, stated that the UAE will strive to make Cop28 a time of solidarity and action, where it will listen, engage, and build partnerships with all parties who seek to play a constructive role in the clean energy transition.

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