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Dubai Islands Project Explained in Detail

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What is happening on Dubai Islands?

Formerly known as Deira Islands, Dubai Islands is a transformative project reshaping Dubai's northern coastline. This ambitious development, spearheaded by Nakheel, aims to create a luxurious and versatile destination featuring resorts, residences, marinas, parks, and more. Here's an in-depth look at what makes Dubai Islands a unique and captivating destination.

The Five Islands

1. Island A – Mixed Use Island with Marina

2. Island B – Integrated Resorts & Communities

3. Island C – Oasis Island

4. Island D – Sports Island

5. Island E – Luxury Estates Island

Each island serves a unique purpose, offering innovative living experiences, cultural hubs, recreational beaches, and exclusive clubs. Despite their island allure, they remain conveniently close to the city and Dubai International Airport.

Island A

This Island is the gateway to Dubai Islands. This part of Dubai Islands features a blend of commercial, residential, and recreational facilities. This island will also be home to seaside Dubai Islands properties including residential buildings and villas. 

The Island A is also designed as the hub of maritime activities, providing top-notch facilities for boating and waterfront living. It is also the first island of the Mega Project to go under development. So far, it is the only island with functional infrastructure and connectivity. 

Several projects are already underway on this island. You will see several resorts, beaches, and recreational facilities on Island A. You will see the beaches and resorts flocked with visitors looking to get away from the busy beaches elsewhere in Dubai. 

Major Projects of Island A:

Deira Mall: The centerpiece of Central Island, Deira Mall, is a sprawling shopping and entertainment destination with over 1,000 shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The mall features a 1km-long retractable glass atrium, allowing for open-air shopping in cooler months.

Business and Office Spaces: Central Island includes numerous office spaces and business centers, making it a bustling commercial hub.

Residential Areas: Luxury residences offer stunning views of the Dubai skyline and easy access to the island's amenities.

Dubai Islands Beach

Dubai Islands Beach offers pristine white sand, sunbeds, showers, and changing rooms. Enjoy watersports like water skiing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Nakheel Marina

Nakheel Marina is a top-notch facility accommodating 13 super yachts, 248 wet berths for vessels up to 47 meters, and 40 dry berths for trailers up to 20 meters. Amenities include 24/7 dock assistance, WiFi, and utilities.

Pet Friendly Beach

Dubai Islands features Dubai's first fully pet-friendly beach. This clean, white sand beach offers sunbeds, showers, and changing rooms, along with various watersports and sports facilities for pets and their owners.

Waterfront Dining and Shopping

Enjoy vibrant waterfront dining and shopping with quayside cafes, restaurants, and shops. The area offers a lively atmosphere with stunning marina and sea views.

Hotels & Resorts

Dubai Islands boasts over 80 luxury resorts and hotels, including RIU and Centara. These establishments offer waterparks, rooftop pools, fitness complexes, and multiple dining options.

Recreational Activities

Dubai Islands provides numerous recreational activities, from premium golf courses to parks and open spaces. Enjoy football, beach volleyball, and a variety of watersports in a serene setting.

FYI: Hatimi Residences is located on the western coast of this Island. It close to the Nakheel Marinas and Dubai Islands Beach.

Island B

The second island is to be dedicated to hotels, resorts, residential communities, and parks. The Island B has also seen some development. The Park Regis by Prince is already operational and serves as a waterfront hospitality destination on the island. 

Island C

Known as the Oasis Island, this part of Dubai Islands will be built like a retreat. It’s is the 18-hole golf course. It will also be home to several interesting Dubai Islands properties including country style clubs, resorts, marina, and villa community. The island will also have many wellness centred facilities as well as attractions for families.

Island D

This island will be dedicated to sports, athletics, recreation, and outdoor activities. The primary attraction of Island D is a 9 hole golf course. Besides the sports island will be home to several other Dubai Islands properties including country clubs, stadiums, adventure sport venues, water sports, and so on.

Connectivity of Dubai Islands to Key Locations

Dubai islands are built quite close to the heart of the city. The islands are already connected to the mainland by Deira Island Bridge. The bridge connects Dubai Islands to Al Khaleej Street and Abu Baker Al Siddique Street. In merely a few minutes you can reach the Deira Corniche or the Waterfront market.

The below list gives you an estimate of the connectivity:

10 mins to Gold Souq Metro Station

16 mins to Deira Corniche

21 mins to Al Mamzar Beach Park

20 mins to Dubai International Airport

22 mins to Dubai Frame

24 mins to World Trade Centre

24 mins to Downtown Dubai

33 mins to Business Bay

34 mins to Creek Harbour

The connectivity will get even better with the Shindagha Corridor Project. The corridor will connect Dubai Islands to Bur Dubai. It will reduce the travel time to locations like World Trade Centre, Downtown, Business Bay, and so on.

All the Dubai Island projects will benefit from the easy inflow thanks to the Shindagha Corridor. It will connect the islands with the intersection of Al Wuheida street and Cairo street by a bridge ramp.

Shaping of a Happening Community in Dubai

Dubai Islands is poised to become a cornerstone of Dubai’s luxury and lifestyle scene, transforming the northern coastline into a dynamic, multifaceted destination. Each of the five islands offers unique attractions and amenities, catering to diverse interests and lifestyles. The strategic connectivity to key city locations ensures seamless accessibility, enhancing its appeal as a prime residential and tourist spot. As development progresses, Dubai Islands is set to become a vibrant, happening community, reflecting Dubai's vision of innovation, luxury, and modern living.

And if you are looking for a home to enjoy the vibrant island lifestyle, check out Hatimi Residences.

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